Boxed in by convention and walking the trodden path, we often forget that there are roads less travelled and it is our duty as educators to discover them and open up a rich world to fellow educators and students across the world.

The ScooNews Global Educators Fest 2018 Unconference is an attempt to test unchartered waters. To look afresh at the way minds congregate, ideas churned and disseminated.

The Unconference will not only be unique in the way it will be conducted but also in its aftermath. When more than 500 education leaders descend in one place you can imagine the electric atmosphere charged with ideas and buzzing with a passion to bring about positive change.

The Unconference will be a promising breeding ground for new ideas and initiatives for increasing the education coverage or the efficiency of delivery.

India’s most preferred education brainstorm will be the crucible of new policy initiatives which will hopefully inspire governments to undertake educational reforms.



ScooNews Global Education Fest 2018 aims to be:

Inclusive: The event will take along educators, edupreneurs, Government, Media, Social entrepreneurs to encourage meaningful representation from all stakeholders.

Roadmap: Participants will be encouraged to arrive at a broad roadmap in tandem with the Governing bodies to channel innovation into everyday practices.



The purpose of the Fest is to be the preferred compass which stakeholders in the education space use to navigate through dynamic education standards.

Ignite debate: Contest every aspect of the existing Modus Operandi whether instructional, policy formulation or implementation.

Catalyse introspection: Question the wisdom of following hand-me-down practices in a digital world.

Network: Encouraging national and international collaborations and partnerships.

Uncover: Bringing innovative and path-breaking initiatives undertaken by key stakeholders in the limelight.


Why participate

Contribute: Actively put forth your views and deliberate on topics which will have a direct bearing on school education.

Network: Initiate national and international collaborations and partnerships.

Best Practices: Get exposure to latest global developments.

Showcase: Bring your start-up/ initiative/ best practice to the world through a live demo.


The Global Educators Fest 2018 will be conducive to collaborations between passionate doers and imaginative thinkers and set the ball rolling for long-term partnerships which will eventually change the face of education.

The Unconference will create an environment conducive to creative thinking to work out solutions to important problems plaguing the education system today. Even a single workable solution will be a win for the 2018 edition of the ScooNews Global Educators Fest.