Shashi Banerjee

A practitioner of mindfulness, Shashi Banerjee assigns herself the role of a curator and a craftsman engaged in building and nurturing environments conducive to multiple learning styles, responsive to diverse learning needs. Empowering each learner to evolve as a transformative leader who contributes more than consumes is a mission she shares with the larger community.

A Masters in Education, English Language and the Teaching of Languages ; a Graduate in  Indian Classical Language Sanskrit and the Indian National Language Hindi ; a Masters in Indian Classical Vocal Music and Indian Classical Dance and a recipient of the prestigious National Cultural Talent Scholarship from the Government of India , she expresses her views in the educational community through written and spoken word.

In the field of education for more than three decades Banerjee has been engaged with professional development and capacity building programmes for educators especially in the areas of Life Skills – on educating the Heart along with the Mind and Body. She specializes in the teaching of Languages – Sanskrit, Hindi, and English across all age groups and has been improvising, constantly, in keeping with emerging technologies in education. The paradigm shift from teaching to Learning has been a focused area of research and innovation.

During the past 15 years as a school leader she has established learning exchange programmes with institutions across Europe, Asia, Australia, and America; is an active volunteer of the movement SPIC MACAY ( Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music Art and Culture Amongst Youth) ; is on the governing body of Alliance Francaise de Delhi.

Ms. Banerjee is a member of the first standing committee of the National Council for Teacher Education, NCTE, GOI, instituted in March  2019.

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