Seema Sahajpal

Ms. Seema Sehajpal has been associated with the field of education for the last two decades. An educator by choice, she is working passionately as the Principal of Dharav High School to promote and implement the various CBSE initiatives.

After a decade of working in the corporate sector, Ms. Sehajpal transited to education with the firm belief that happy schools create balanced and responsible citizens. She has worked with schools across India for training teachers for the implementation of experiential learning in schools. She has also trained teachers to plan lessons effectively in order to reach the desired learning outcomes.

Ms. Sehajpal has accepted every challenge with an optimistic attitude resulting in setting Dharav High School to be a school with a difference. The school has become a considerable contributor to the CBSE endeavors by promoting and adopting the NEP goals. She is contributing to the CBSE initiative of creating Graphic Novels for subjects across grades to make difficult academic concepts interesting for the students. She is also associated with the CBSE Skill Development programme for creating Skill Development Manuals for the middle-level classes.

Ms. Sehajpal promotes the Right to Education through Shiksha Kendra, a center run by the school for socially and economically disadvantaged children. She firmly believes that an investment in education retrieves the best interest of the nation.

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