Parmeet Shah

At my core, I’m a deep thinker who tends to question and challenge everything. And this attitude has led me to try and completely redefine our system of education. I was born in a family that runs a real estate business in Mumbai and I’ve always wanted to be a businessperson myself. I was fortunate to have attended some of the best educational institutions in the world. I did my IBDP at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, went to college at Yale University, and then did my Master’s at Columbia University.

However, I have always been disillusioned and highly critical of our system of education – and I had major issues with all the educational institutions I attended. After my education, I came back to join the family business in Mumbai. And one of the first projects I picked up was to build and operate a school. Having been so critical of the education system throughout my life, I took this as a challenge – rather than just see the problems, let me try to find the solutions! And this led me to create NEXT, a radically different school in the suburbs of Mumbai.

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