Nishi Misra

Mrs. Nishi Misra is the Principal of Scindia  Kanya  Vidyalaya, Gwalior and is an educationist by nature more than by mere qualification.  She believes that learning comes instinctively to humankind.

Her quest for  ‘learning how to learn’ has always loomed large on her horizons. In her current assignment as Principal,  Scindia  Kanya  Vidyalaya,  a completely residential school for girls in  Gwalior, she is exploring the possibility of “teaching”   creativity and service to students.

For the past decade, she has been committed to the cause of working for underprivileged women and inspiring her students to serve this community.

As a practitioner of experiential learning, Mrs. Nishi Misra shared her thoughts with her students and guided them to survey the areas around Gwalior to find a fit cause to espouse. It was found that Women’s hygiene is a major issue and not addressed because of taboos and other social reasons. The principal worked hard to acquire a low cost Indigenous sanitary napkin unit from Coimbatore. Her students now make sanitary napkins for the women who cannot afford them.

After the successful running of this unit in the school campus, Mrs. Nishi Misra initiated Women Empowerment projects in two Villages, Jarga, and Virpur where low-cost and eco-friendly sanitary napkin machines were installed and the production is managed by village women with marketing support from Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya.

According to Mrs. Misra,  the world of tomorrow which will be our legacy to our children and grandchildren will be very different from our world today.  There will be diffused national boundaries, diminishing energy resources, drying up of water reserves and the standards of human integrity will have reached their lowest.   Mrs. Nishi Misra is seized with the matter of providing an education which will empower our children with skills for a ‘soft landing’ in such a  future.

With quality education at Allahabad University and shorter duration study at  IIM  Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Lucknow, she is the recipient of the prestigious Amity  University Award for Excellence in Education.    She has,  however, not forgotten her school days in St. Mary’s  Convent, Nainital.  It was here, she believes, the strong foundations of all that she values were laid.  Consequently,  a value-centric education which ignites the minds of our youth is what she is committed to.

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