Nandita Deosthale

Nandita’s professional journey meandered its way through business (export & import, event management, and gift servicing) before she discovered the importance of education in her life. Since then she has been actively involved in educational environments formal and non-formal. While at Kodaikanal International School, she was part of a team that set up their Human Resources Department and then headed the same till 2005.  At the United World College of India, she designed and implemented their experiential learning curriculum for more than a thousand students from over sixty-five nations, created partnerships with at least thirty NGOs to enable this learning, and established their Office of Advancement.  She has organised and run short courses related to environment, development, art, religion, and service-learning for students from across the world learned classical and taught folk dance since the age of 13.

Currently, she is an active unschooling parent and co-founder of Furthering Education (FE): founded in 2010, FE has been consulting and collaborating with schools across the world following various curriculums in areas of teacher training, curriculum building, experiential learning, and philosophical audits. The Learning Centre (TLC): founded in 2015, TLC is an alternative to school for children in the age range 5 to 18. Inspired by Russell, Tagore, Gandhi, Freire, Krishnamurti, and a host of other thinkers, TLC aims to create an environment in which a child is free to ask fundamental questions, to develop respect for all life, and to “learn to read reality so that they can write their own history”. (Paulo Freire) At TLC we believe that children and their mentors can engage with theoretical and experiential learning in a manner that will enable them to lead their lives with awareness and knowledge of both the world and of the self.

A self-motivated leader and team player, she brings to FE & TLC her experience in building and managing organizations and creating non-hierarchical working environments, while working with children and young adults with optimism and spontaneity. She enjoys traveling, reading, dancing, and swimming.

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