Marion Hopfgartner


Marion has over 20 years of experience in the field of education and the work with children (age 1 – 15).
She started as a Principal of an educational institution in 1997 and was later, Board Member of LLC managing teachers, principals, nurses, social workers, etc.

She has developed several training programmes and educational curriculums and is a Consultant for educational institutions (preschools & schools).

She is the Founder of TLI Pedagogics and Lelek Academy – Government recognized for Teachers Training.


In 2015, Marion Hopfgartner received the Certificate as an Ambassador of Peace from the Universal Peace Federation (a UN Network Organization) which honored her active promotion of social competence in education and recognized this as an important part of creating Global Peace.

Other Awards include:

• Global Education Leadership Award
• International World Congress Mumbai
• Education Award – Global Triumph Foundation
• Several Eurasia Research Awards of Honor

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