Lina Ashar

Lina Ashar did her primary schooling in England before moving to Australia, where she acquired a bachelor’s degree in Education from Melbourne’s, Victoria College. In 1991, she came to India on a year-long sabbatical from college. While connecting with her roots, she landed up taking a teaching stint at a prestigious heritage school in suburban Mumbai, an experience that changed her life and led to the burning question “How can she bring back the joy of childhood for the children in India?”

Back then, the education system in India was still grappling with a straitjacketed approach to education. It was robbing children of their childhood. She was appalled by a lackluster system of education that upheld only the high-flyers. Crammed classrooms, disinterested students, and over-stressed parents inspired her to work on a model of education that was fulfilling, effective, and yet stress-free.

Lina connected with over 100 + thought leaders across the world to interview them about the current scenario, the future of education, and the shifts we need to make today to help children thrive in the future. She also started Moonshot Conversations (Facebook live sessions) to help parents build empowered hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. In the process, we aim to co-create a world that is more loving, joyous, peaceful, and abundant.

In her endeavour to make a difference in every child’s life, she wrote her first book called ‘Who Do you Think You Are Kidding’. The book dealt with parenting for children and is a complete guide for parents on how to build a positive child right from the start. Teenage, as we all know, is the most difficult stage in life and the one where parents and children have the maximum amount of friction. Her second book ‘Drama Teen’, is a guide for both parents and teens.

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