Geeta Dharmarajan

Geeta Dharmarajan, writer, editor, teacher, heads Katha, a “profit for all” organization that she founded in 1988.

Deeply interested in how learning happens across boundaries, her work has focussed on story and story in education, for deep-rooted learning that celebrates India’s amazing heterogeneity. Translation is integral to this process for her, especially as a counter-divisive tool in nation building.

Her passions have shaped the inclusive and integrated work of Katha in the literature to literacy continuum, and its various interlinked activities in the fields of quality publishing and education for children. Her StoryPedagogy, based on Bharata’s Natya Shastra, a 2000-year old treatise, has been in use in Katha’s books and learning centres and the government schools Katha works in, to enhance quality schooling for children from marginalized families.

Author of more than 30 books and some 400+ articles, Geeta has served, inter alia, as an assistant editor of the Penn Gazette, the alumni magazine of the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. She received the Padma Shri for her innovative work in literature and education in 2012.

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