Divya Lal

Divya is a visionary, charismatic leader, and Ted X Speaker with over 2 decades of experience. Having post graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Psychology, Divya Lal initially arrived in the education sector with blue-chip Ed-tech companies like NIIT, Educomp & Ebix Smart class. Divya’s experience, knowledge, and understanding of the industry have helped create her own special niche in the Indian Education industry. Passionate about providing access of quality education to all, Ms. Divya Lal strives toward creating Innovative solutions that drastically improve the outcomes of teaching and learning. At Fliplearn, her role as Founder & CEO is to transform the teaching and learning ecosystem in India forever. The focus is to reduce teacher workload by 50% and increase learning outcomes by 50%. Ms. Lal feels strongly about imparting the learning outcomes that positively impact the Indian Education System. Under her supervision, Fliplearn has been endorsed by over 400 schools, 18,000 teachers, and 4 Lakh students using the ‘Learning Transformation System’. Under her inspiring leadership, Fliplearn has launched the revolutionary product ‘Learning Transformation System’, to redefine the way teaching and learning happen in Indian schools, leveraging on the power of data, automation, and analytics.

Students are at the heart of all the innovations she leads. She believes that technology should ensure that no student in this country should be left behind and edtech should play the role of an equalizer.

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