Achyutanand Jha

Achyutanand Jha works as an Expert for the West and Central part of India for Lead School focusing on expanding and onboarding schools across the zone and making sure each parent and teacher realizes they are being part of a mission that is larger and most important for a country like India. Mission to make the best education reach the student living in the remotest part of the country. He believes education is not only academics or sports or any such thing in isolation being taught, education brings everything together for a student or any young individual. With this dream, he founded SEAL- Social
Emotional Academic Leadership Program for students and Teachers helping them realize how we can integrate everything together for a better tomorrow. In search of solving problems for this world, he believes that in his short life education is the only way to have a long-term impact in solving any and every problem in this world. He has done MBA in Marketing and is a Teach For India alumni.

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